Follow This Nutritive Meal Plan To Aid Digestion


New Delhi: On the auspicious days of Navaratri, devotees observe a fast and consume only a selected variety of foods. For all the people who are fasting on these nine days, here we share with you the meal plan given by Rujuta for Navratri fasting.

Meal one

You can have fresh fruits or a handful of nuts after you wake up.

Meal two

For the breakfast, you can have singhare ke pakode, sweet potato with Dahi, sabudane ki khichadi, potato kheer, and chana with poori or sheera.

Meal three

Singhare/kuttu roti + potato sabji/ kuttu kadhi/ makhana sabji with samo rice/ upasacha talipeeth.

Meal four

Dahi with samo rice/ jhangora kheer/ paneer sabji with kuttu/banana/singhare/rajgira roti.

Mid meals

Fruits/ chaas/ kheer/ shikanji/ shrikhand chaat/ sabudana wada/ dahi

Benefits of following the above meal

– Better mood with lesser mood swings

– Better hormonal balance

– Better digestion

– Clearer skin and thick hair

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