Follow Safety Norms, Or Face Music: BMC To Roadside Vendors


Bhubaneswar: In order to curb sanitation hazards and traffic congestions in the State Capital, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Friday issued a set of guidelines for running roadside food outlets in Bhubaneswar.

The BMC, in an order, said, “A great number of food outlets are doing their business on the road side without having sufficient parking facility and sanitation protocols. Their customers are used to park their vehicles on the road and eat there causing heavy sanitation hazards and traffic congestion, which is posing problem for the local people and for the commuters.”

The city civic body has aksed all the vendors of all roadside food outlets and their vendor’s associations to abide by the conditions issued on 7th Oct, 2022.

Following are the guidelines to be followed by vendors running food outlets on the road side in BMC area.

  1. No food outlet should be on the road, foothpath & over drains.
  2. Food outlets having no sufficient parking space for vehicles of customers should not serve food items on the spot. They should opt for Take-home food or on-line delivery of their food items only.
  3. The food outlets having required parking space have to follow the sanitation protocols of BMC and keep twin dustbins in their shops, store garbage in segregated way and handover to door to door collection vehicle, clean 5 meters radius of their outlet by themselves.
  4. The food outlet workers are to wear clean dress and good attire, such as, Head Cap, Clean Apron, Hand Gloves and Face Mask etc. and serve the food in hygienic manner.
  5. The food outlet has to obey and ensure all principles of food safety.
  6. No food outlet is allowed to do business in locations designated as “No Vending Zone” by BMC.

“Any deviation to these instructions will be viewed seriously and BMC will take all measures to impose fine and close the shop with cancellation of trade license and seizure of the vehicles illegally parked on the road for such, the BMC order read.

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