Flood alert in Subarnarekha River raises concern


Balasore: A massive flood is expected at any time in Subarnarekha River system. With 16 sluice gates of Galudih barrage in Jharkhand having been opened, the impact of floodwater has started visible from today morning itself.

As many as 25 villages of Baliapal block have already cut off from the rest of the world. The villagers have been struggling to save lives and properties. Banana rafts are being used to transport valuable articles and domesticated animals.

It is feared that Saraskana and Rasagobindapur blocks of Mayurbhanj district and Baliapal, Bhogarai, Jaleswar and Basta blocks of Balasore districts will bear the maximum brunt of the flood.

At Rajghat, the Subarnarekha River is flowing above the danger level. As the water level will be at its peak by 12 pm today, people have been alerted and asked through public address system to go to higher and safer places.

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