Floating wetlands: Hydroponic plants to clean up Bengaluru city lakes


Bengaluru:  A novel method is being used for cleaning lakes here in the silicon valley of India. Floating wetlands with hydroponic plants are used to clean waters.

The method is known as floating treatment wetlands (FTW). They are artificial islands with plants that float on lake waters.

According to reports the method was successfully implemented in Hauz Khas lake in Delhi. The other one to benefit from this treatment method is Neknampur Lake situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad city.

AlphaMERS, the company that has developed this eco-friendly idea, believes these wetlands can be deployed in lake and this is an effective way of cleaning polluted waters.

According to reports, the floating wetlands are small artificial platforms which allow hydroponic plants to grow with their roots spreading through the platform into the water. The plants absorb the high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen in the sewage water entering the lake.

The FTWs are bamboo rafts with its sides made of thermo-col blocks and plastic bottles which are chemically inert. A layer of gunny sacking stretches across the raft’s bottom to create a tray that holds a two-centimetre layer of gravel.

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