Flash floods kill dozens in Indonesia and East Timor

Jakarta: Flash floods unleashed by torrential rains killed 41 people on the Indonesian island of Flores on Sunday.

Torrential rain sparked widespread destruction, with floodwater from overflowing dams submerging thousands of homes on the islands.

The affected area stretched from Flores island in eastern Indonesia to the neighbouring nation of Timor Leste.

Rescuers are still attempting to find survivors, and officials warned the death toll could rise further.

Power supplies were cut and the presidential palace was flooded as heavy rain and strong winds have lashed Dili since late on Saturday.

Civil protection officials in East Timor could not immediately be reached for comment. Social media posts showed collapsed buildings and vehicles submerged by flash floods.

Injured people on the islands have been evacuated to neighbouring villages that were unaffected, and to local hospitals and other health centres.

Flash floods and fatal landslides are common across the Indonesian archipelago during the monsoon season, which usually runs from November to March.