Five Vegetables To Grow Easily In Your Kitchen Garden


New Delhi: There is nothing fresh like vegetables grown in your backyard. Not only do homegrown vegetables taste better, but also healthier for you and your family. Here is a whole list of vegetables that you can easily grow at home and that too, without an expert’s help. Once you get a hang of growing vegetables by yourself, gardening for you is going to be fun on a different level altogether! We’ve listed a few vegetables that are very easy to grow in your kitchen garden.

1 . Peppers

Whether you like the yellow, red or green versions – pepper is one vegetable you can easily grow at home. Peppers sprout extra roots from the stems, which is why you need to sow the organic pepper plant deep inside the soil. The best way to grow them is at a slightly warmer temperature.

2. Baby Onions (Scallions)

Spring onions (or baby onions) are used in a number of dishes to bring out an additional crunchy element. Organic baby onions can be easily grown from scraps of scallions, seedlings, or the scallion plant itself. Early spring is the best time to grow them.

3. Radishes

Radishes are perfect to grow in early summer, and they also are super easy to plant. Further, the results of your hard work will show up in no time as organically grown radishes can quickly be harvested within three weeks itself!

4. Herbs

Organic herbs bring an additional flavour to any meal that is cooked, and they are one of the simplest kitchen ingredients to grow at home. Whether you like refreshing herbs such as mint, or crunchy ones such as thyme or cilantro – you can easily grow them in your kitchen garden. Homegrown basil makes for great any time pesto!

5. Peas

Peas are very low maintenance, and they are one of the first plants we grow in spring. Homegrown, organic peas taste absolutely different from the market-bought ones. Fresh peas should be harvested soon after they grow, else they may rot soon.


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