Five tips on how to overcome smartphone addiction


At the ending of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, smartphones are proving to be an integral component in our everyday life.  We are using these devices for entertainment, retrieving information, and connecting with others digitally.

However, unlike other addictive substances such as alcohol, smartphones never come with a warning label saying, “Warning: Smartphone usage can cause addiction.”

Furthermore, as students, excessive smartphone usage is cultivating a phenomenon called FOMO (fear of missing out) whereby smartphone users do not want to miss out on the trending music album, the latest gossip, or the most recent news headline.

The results of such devastating addictive behavior are lots of time wastage and awkwardness in social interactions.

Besides, smartphone addiction can reduce the attention span of a student, cause much unnecessary anxiety, and lead to time wastage as the student spends long periods scrolling their phone instead of learning how to be a dissertation expert.

Symptoms of a Smartphone Addiction

  • Are you constantly putting your hand inside your phone pocket?
  • Do you sleep next to your phone?
  • Are you extremely fearful whenever you are without your phone, also known as nomophobia?
  • Have you let lots of time pass you by while browsing your phone?
  • Do you spend more than six hours of your time checking your phone?
  • Are you angry whenever your phone hangs or has a slow responsive interface?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might already be an addict in need of some relief therapy.

Remedies for Smartphone Addiction

  • Delete Time Consuming Apps

The average estimate of a person checking on their social media notifications is 25-100 times each day. This because social media providers aim to make their platforms as addictive as possible to entice the user to use the app longer. Users are rarely in control of their mentality; hence, they will always be checking their phones for another social media update.

Delete all most of the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from the phone and only access these platforms via your browser. Additionally, set the browser to clear cookies automatically so that you are forced to login in every time you log out of the platform. The inconvenience of constant login will reduce the urge to return to the social website once you escape the browser.

Moreover, delete all the excessive gaming platforms plus all unused apps. If possible, only use the default apps and features pre-installed on the phone. 

  • Purchase a Real Watch

 Nearly every person is using a smartphone as their alarm clock. The problem with this kind of alarm clock is the tendency to not only snooze it for that extra moment of sleep but also to check on all the missed notifications while sleeping.

Once again, people often use their phones to tell the time. During most of those times, however, they are sucked into the world of replying to notifications and catching up with their last game. To avoid this, buy a real watch and reduce that addiction.

  • Get Out of the Comfort Zone and Find a Hobby

 Nowadays, we feel off-balance whenever we lack a smartphone or have no active internet connection.

Start living a life of passion by doing something you love. Take up a hobby that you always keep postponing due to lack of time. Keep yourself busy, and you won’t have a fear of missing out.

  • Set Particular Boundaries to Using your Smartphone

 Set strict rules when it comes to using your gadget. Avoid using your smartphone at mealtimes and social events, in the restroom or the bedroom, and during in-person conversations. You can also extend the ban to the reading and socializing hours.

  • Mute the Notifications

 New messages or offers from various applications sometimes compel students to check out their phones while studying. To avoid this, turn off individual apps’ notifications entirely and only access the announcements when you manually open the app.

Start using these five tips to overcome your smartphone addiction and start living a more healthy, productive life.

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