Five Surprising Health Benefits Of Coriander


New Delhi: Coriander is commonly known as ‘dhaniya’ in the Indian subcontinent, and cilantro or Chinese parsley in America and some parts of Europe. Its leaves, stems, and seeds have a recognizable and pungent aroma and are commonly used raw or dried in cooking.

Here is a list of health benefits of Coriander you must know about:

Cures Mouth Ulcers:

The major component that is found in coriander oil is citronellal that acts as a major antiseptic that cures mouth ulcers. Also, there are a few other components that have antimicrobial properties that can help in the faster healing of wounds and mouth ulcers. Consuming this healthy parsley will not give you bad breath. In fact, some people chew coriander seeds for avoiding bad breath and it actually works.

Strengthen Bones:

Coriander has a rich source of calcium that will be an added benefit for those who would want to take good care of their bones. Calcium plays an essential part in bone regrowth and the prevention of osteoporosis. This means that adding a little of coriander to your everyday diet will help strengthen your bones. Calcium is present in the centre of every coriander leaf, so all you need to do is to add some coriander to your everyday diet and this will do good for your bones.

Good For Vision:

This healthy parsley is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants that can play a vital role in promoting good vision. These components also reduce stress and strain on your eyes. It also contains beta-carotene in its leaves that can prevent many other diseases that affect the eye among older people.

Regulates Diabetes:

Coriander helps the body increase insulin in a way that when one consumes coriander, this will stimulate the endocrine glands that will help your pancreas produce more insulin. This green plays a very important role for all diabetics because this naturally lowers down blood sugar levels.

Reduces Skin Inflammation:

One among the 11 most essential components of coriander are essentials and linolenic that are both presents in this healthy parsley. These two compounds are antioxidants in nature and can prevent your body from various diseases and infections. The main purpose of these compounds is to prevent inflammation and reduces swelling. The anti-inflammatory compounds help outshine your skin. Looking at your skin not improving can be very frustrating for you. All you need to do is to grab a handful of coriander and make some juice out of it.

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