Five Marvellous Waterfalls In Odisha That Are Worth Exploring

Bhubaneswar: The state of Odisha is well known for its protected forest and host varieties of plants, mangrove trees, beaches, and home to some of the tallest waterfalls.

Here is the list of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls of Odisha state.

1.Duduma Waterfall

Duduma waterfall is situated in Odisha’s southernmost state called Malkangiri. This fall is situated 70 kilometers away from town Jeypore. This water descends from the height of 155 meters which gives water to the Machhakunda dam. This area was said to be ruled by the Nanda dynasty of Magadha. Hence the village got its name from this person. Visitors can also see the beautiful landscape of the motherland and Batisi Singhasana which means 32 thrones.

Best season to visit: October to February

How to reach: This place is close to a town named Jeypore from where you can get a taxi, bus, and train to reach your destination.

2. Joranda Waterfall

This place is situated near Dhanaulti in Mayurbhanj district in Odisha. Jordan Waterfalls is the 19th highest waterfall in India. It is 150 meters long. Joranda fall is surrounded by tall trees which give it a beautiful breathtaking look. The water plunges over a lofty cliff (rock face) in a single drop, spreading out slightly as it falls. This gives a beautiful look from the top.

This waterfall is situated surrounded by wildlife sanctuaries and thick forests. The beauty of the waterfall from a height of 150 meters as a single drop makes more visitors and nature lovers visit this place yearly.

How to reach: If you are planning to travel by air then the nearest airport is located in Kolkata (190 km) or in Bhubaneswar (210 km). You can hire a taxi or a cab from the airport to reach the destination.

Best Season to Visit: October to June

3. Sanaghagara Waterfall

This waterfall is situated in Keonjhar district in Odisha. The word Sanaghagara comes from the Odia language which means Small Waterfall. This is one of the most popular spots for picnics that attracts tourists the most. It is located at an average height of 1950 feet above sea level and gives you cool summer and winter. This region gets an average rainfall of 1500 mm and temperature ranges from 14.7 to 41.1 degrees. It has a ‘V’ shaped narrow valley and has a smooth rising and falling terrain with hills. The combination of waterfalls, pools, rocks, and green forest gives this place a wonderful place for a tourist and a lovable place for nature lovers.

Time to visit: Open by 7 Am and close by 6 PM the best time to visit is before sunset to get a beautiful view.

How To Reach: There is direct train connectivity to Kendujhargarh station (Kendujhar town) from Puri, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Barbil, Chakradharpur. A weekly train also connects Visakhapatnam with Jamshedpur via Kendujhargarh and Bhubaneswar.

4. Khandadhar Waterfall

Nestled in the Sundergarh district of Odisha, Khandadhar Waterfall is positioned near a mineral-rich forest. It descends from the height of 225meters. It’s the second-highest waterfall in the state of Odisha and It is the 12th highest waterfall in India. This is also the best spot for hiking and trekking.

The entire area is a treasure of rare medicinal plants and it is a famous spot for nature lovers. The beauty of the falls is created by glittering waters which gives you an amazing view from the top of the mountain. The waterfall is also known as Khandadhar because it has got a look like a sword.

Best Season to Visit: You can visit during Oct-Feb, and during the Khandadhar Festival to enjoy the trip and festival events.

5. Pradhanpat Waterfall

Pradhanpat wonderful waterfall is situated on the Pradhanpat hill. It is located 100 km far away from Sambalpur. This waterfall is surrounded by some rare scenic sights of nature which gives a breathtaking view of the waterfall. This waterfall had the 1st hydroelectric power unit of the city of Deogarh in Odisha. Pradhanpat waterfall is surrounded by the hills and is covered by a thick forest that helps us to hear the pleasant sound of the waterfall.

Best Season to Visit: October to February