Five Foods To Avoid Hair Loss


New Delhi: Hair fall is one of the most common problems in today’s generation. While genetics play an important role in hair health and balding patterns, another important and overlooked factor in hair growth is your choice of diet. Here is a list of dieting mistakes that may lead to hair loss:

  1. Consuming foods with high levels of mercury:

High levels of mercury are associated with hair loss. One of the most common sources through which we consume mercury is fish. Some fishes are particularly mercury-rich and need to be avoided. This includes sushi, mackerel, swordfish, and certain tuna. You can replace these with shrimp, salmon, and light tuna as these carry lower mercury content.

  1. Consuming foods rich in processed sugar:

Processed sugar has many adverse effects on the body and deteriorating hair and nail quality is one of them. High sugar intake leads to an increase in blood glucose which means the body has to produce more insulin. This further leads to an increase in androgens, or male sex hormones, which can result in shrinking of the hair follicles and eventually lead to early baldness.

  1. Low protein diet:

The basic building block of hair is the protein called keratin. Thus, insufficient protein intake means that you are at a higher risk of hair loss. Lean meat can be an adequate source of protein. Vegetarians can opt for lentils, spinach, beans, and tofu as sources of protein. You will get the Best Nutrition & Dietetics In Bangalore at Manipal.

  1. Consuming high-glycemic foods:

High-glycemic foods easily break down into sugar. These foods are thus very harmful to hair health and growth. Increased sugar consumption will lead to increased insulin and androgens in the body which of course adversely affects hair health. High-glycemic foods include pasta, starchy white bread, and pancakes.

  1. Having an excess of vitamin A:

Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes and sharp vision. However, excessive intake of vitamin A can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

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