Five Big Tech Launches Of 2023


New Delhi: The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas sees a host of new announcements from big brands. This year also showcased technology that could arrive in 2023. Here are five big launches made at CES 2023:

Qualcomm Snapdragon Satellite

At CES 2023, Qualcomm announced its own satellite connectivity solution — Snapdragon Satellite. The feature brings satellite communication to upcoming Android smartphones allowing users to send two-way text messages using satellites.

Qi 2 wireless charging standard

Qi has announced its second-generation wireless charging standard. The Qi 2 will be based on Apple’s MagSafe and will ensure that the charger and the device are aligned properly for faster charging speeds and better thermal management.

Sony’s new Playstation controller

Sony has announced a new Playstation controller to help people with disabilities to play games. Codenamed Project Leonardo, it can be customised to help people with limited motor control play games on Playstation.

Acer’s work desk that helps you achieve fitness goals

Acer announced a new work desk called eKinekt BD 3. It comes with a stationary bike to empower sustainable and healthier lifestyles. eKinekt BD 3 lets users exercise as they work by using kinetic energy from the rider’s pedalling to power the machine and charge devices.

Battery-powered television

A company named Displace has announced a new completely wireless TV called Displace TV. It comes with four swappable batteries placed in the corners and it also has a suction-based wall mount that, as per the company, works on any surface. It also relies on gesture controls for input.

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