Fitness Apps To Keep You Motivated


New Delhi: It is not always easy to track, manage, and stay on top of your fitness goals. Luckily, in this ever-so-modern world that we live in, there are a growing number of apps to help. Here are some of the free download apps which are considered highly effective when it comes to your health and nutrition.

Couch to 5k. This is a great app for beginner runners. The difficulty of the runs are gradually increased, allowing you to build up your stamina and run for longer.

Zombies, run! This is a story game where you’re running away from zombies. Stop and you’ll be eaten – I think that can be a pretty big motivator to keep going!

Strava. Strava is a great app to track your run. Instead of running aimlessly, you can see how far you’ve run and which route you’ve taken, which allows you to monitor your progress and think about other routes that you want to explore.

Nike run club. This is a great app that compiles workout programs & video walkthroughs. It’s totally customizable to your own goals and you can choose between endurance, strength, mobility, and yoga.

The Walk. This is another fun fitness game designed to keep you engaged. Made by the same company as Zombies, run! This is for those people who aren’t runners.

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