“Fishing With Dynamite” reported in Khurda’s Jatni Block


Khurda: Few local youths in the Pandiabila-Budhangara area under Jatni block in Khurda district are resorting to a horrific practice using explosives to catch fish.

Reportedly, the practice was being implemented in the Daya and Rajua river passing through the area.

According to the frequent allegations levelled by the locals, few anti-socials are exploding dynamites by using muguni stone near Mundia area.

As per reports, the ill-practice is carried out every day between 5 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 6 pm.

The impact of the blast not only threatens the locals but also triggers vibrations in the nearby dams causing a risk during floods.

The practice has disastrous consequences. The blasts destroy not only their targets but the entire aquatic ecosystem which support fish and other species. It also has a negative impact on the health os residents dependent on the water body.

Aside from the environmental impact, dynamite fishing threatens the livelihood of legitimate fishermen, as well as the economy as a whole.

Blast fishing or dynamite fishing is the practice of using explosives to stun or kill schools of fish for easy collection. This often illegal practice can be extremely destructive to the surrounding ecosystem, as the explosion often destroys the underlying habitat (such as coral reefs) that supports the fish.

Making a bomb is cheaper and vastly more productive than sticking with traditional fishing methods such as basket traps and hook and line. Dynamite is also easier to find nowadays.

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