Fisherman Drowns After Boat Capsizes In Chitrakonda Reservoir In Malkangiri


Malkangiri:  A fisherman died after his fishing boat capsized in a Chittarakonda reservoir in Malkangiri district. Two fellow fishermen were rescued.

The accident took place they were fishing the water body. They were fishing in a country boat in the reservoir near Singaram.

According to reports, three persons from nearby Dike-3 village went  for fishing in Chittakkonda reservoir of Malkangiri Swaviman area.

When he returned to the shore with fish from the reservoir, sudden rain acopmanid by heavy wind started.The boat lost control and overturned.

Three fishermen Hari Sagaria, Kailash Nayak and Krupa Benia fell into the water.

While Hari and Kailas managed to swim to the shore, Krupa went missing. On receiving the information, local BDO, Chittakkonda fire tenders rushed to the spot and started a rescue operation. The villagers also cooperated with the fire tender team in searching Krupa.

After a frantic search, the rescue team found the body of Krupa.

In the past, similar incident had also taken place in which several people lost their lives.

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