‘Feels Surreal’ – Virat Kohli On Reaching 100 Tests


Mohali: India take on Sri Lanka in the first of two-match Test series at Mohali on Friday and Virat Kohli will be playing his landmark 100th Test match.

Ahead of his 100th Test against Sri Lanka, speaking to bcci.tv, Kohli said in detail about the knock that changed his life.

“I honestly never thought that I will play 100 Test matches. It’s been a long journey. Played a lot of cricket over the course of these 100 Test matches, lot of international cricket. I am just grateful that I have been able to make it to 100. With the amount of cricket we play in this day and age, God’s been kind. I have worked really hard on my fitness. It’s a big moment for me, my family and my coach, who is happy and proud of this Test as long as I am concerned,” said Virat Kohli.

“I think my first Test hundred is something I remember very fondly. It’s still very fresh in my memory. That is one day that will be always very, very special. Knowing that it came in Australia will be very special. It was an overseas hundred, for a young guy wanting to establish himself in Test cricket, for the first hundred to come in Australia really boosted my confidence. If you see, my career really took off from there after that Test match and my confidence grew leap and bounds,” he said.

The 33-year-old explained his feeling about playing 100 Test matches for India.

“It feels surreal. I never imagined I would play 100 Tests for India. There was a time where I remember I had told myself I will do anything possible to play for India. Nothing could de-motivate or distract me anymore. I was completely focused on getting to the top and playing for a long period. Things unfolded in a way that the journey kept on going.

“Life is unpredictable in many beautiful ways and I don’t think we should put any restrictions on life in terms of how many amazing moments you can witness in the future. You have no idea what the future holds. It is best not to panic or get de-motivated by what might not happen because my career, my life is an example of what is possible,” added Kohli.

Kohli further spoke about moments he cherishes in Test cricket.

“From 2015 to 2020, those five-six years, the kind of Test cricket we played, each one of those tours or games is a special memory in itself. We have had some tough losses; we have had some amazing comebacks. Immensely proud of the whole phase. Looking back at how amazing and magical the journey was, I can’t pin-point one memory. It would be wrong for me to point out winning (a series) in Australia or coming out of England 2-1, potentially getting the trophy back with us. We understand those moments on a daily basis we experience which is far more special than these things,” said Kohli.

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