Feces Dumped In Water Tank For Dalits In Tamil Nadu Village; HC Seeks Status Report


Chennai: The Madras High Court in Madurai, Tamil Nadu has ordered an investigation into a complaint of caste discrimination in the Pudukkottai district. 

The shocking case of caste discrimination has emerged from a Tamil Nadu village, where human faeces were discovered dumped in a water tank assigned for the Scheduled Caste community. When the district authorities went to investigate, they discovered that the horrors did not stop there. Authorities found untouchability is still practised in the village, to the point where the local tea shop has a two-glass system and Dalits are not permitted on temple grounds.

Pudukottai collector Kavitha Ramu and district police chief Vandita Pandey paid a visit to Irayur village in central Tamil Nadu on Tuesday after receiving reports that a large amount of human waste had been discovered in a 10,000-litre water tank that was supplying drinking water to the Dalit community of around 100 people.

Villagers reported that many of their children had become ill in recent days. After doctors suggested that the drinking water source could be the source of the problem, a group of young men climbed the tank and looked inside.

Caste-based discrimination and violence are significant issues in several villages in Tamil Nadu. The dropping of human excrement in water tanks is not a new tactic in the state, and this incident highlights the need for action to address and prevent such discrimination and attacks.



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