Famous Museum In India That Every History Enthusiast Must Visit

New Delhi: India is a country that is rich in culture and heritage. India has a number of places across the nation that has preserved these symbols. Being ornamented with historical monuments, it has a majestic past of Mughals and British that speak of the history.  And no tour to India is complete without paying a visit to a museum of the city that reflects the culture and history of ancient India in a most beautiful way.

Here are some remarkable museums of India which are worth visiting.

Indian Museum In Kolkata- West Bengal

The largest and the oldest museum in India is The Indian Museum in Kolkata. The vast list of multipurpose displays like fossils, remains, artifacts, paintings, etc. is divided into various categories – Art, Botany, Archeology, and so on. The amount of knowledge you will gain during your visit to the largest museum in India will be mammoth.

Rail Museum- Delhi

This famous museum in India focuses on the rail heritage of India. It has specimens of different evolution phases from the Indian Rail history. Be it Fairy Queen Engine or Fire Engine, you will get a fair look and understanding of all the specimens here. It is also one of the biggest museums in India.

Archeological Museum In Lothal- Ahmedabad

One of the best archeological museums in India, this one is dedicated to older civilizations of India. The intricacies of town planning in that era and the perfection of various utilities for those towns are more engaging and gripping than you assume them to be. And then you can question the right people (read politicians) that if prehistoric people could design roads that had no clogging issues, then why can’t it be achieved in this age of technology and development.

Island Museum In Nagarjunakonda- Andhra Pradesh

Designed in the shape of a Buddhist Vihara, this unique museum depicts the culture and remnants of Buddhism. In their collection, there is a tooth and an earring which is said to be believed of Gautam Buddha. The closeness that you will feel to Bhagwan Buddha will be astounding in this unique museum in India. This is one of the key museums in regards to the culture of Southern India.

Naval Aviation Museum In Vasco Da Gama- Goa

Goa is not all about beaches and parties. The historical assortment that it offers will make you wonder about historical events and places. One such example is Naval Aviation Museum in Vasco Da Gama, Goa. It has 13 aircrafts on display with various other interesting fact lists and other consequential items used in aviation. A must visit museum for people who look beyond beaches and suntans.

Jawahar Toy Museum- Pondicherry

This famous museum in India is dedicated to children and their love for toys. The museum gain its name due to the fact that Jawaharlal Nehru used to love kids. It has dolls and toys from different states all over India which are dressed in cultural outfits.

Black Magic and Witchcraft Museum in Assam – Assam

Also known as the Indian capital of black magic, the Mayong Central Museum, and Emporium in the village of Mayong, Assam is a must-visit. From mythological books, masks to voodoo artifacts, the museum showcases every element and object associated with the practice of black magic and can be a fascinating experience for those who are even slightly curious about these subjects.