Famous Bargarh Dhanu Jatra Concludes


Bargarh: The world famous Dhanu Jatra of Bargarh today came to an end with the assassination of tyrannical king Kansa.

The 11-day long the largest open-air theatre in the world began on December 12.

The theme of the drama has been borrowed from the mythology of ‘Krishna Leela’ and ‘Mathura Vijay’.

During the festival, the entire Bargarh town was transformed into a very big stage for 11 days. While Bargarh becomes Mathura, the Jeera river of Bargarh turns to be the Yamuna while Amapali, which is located across the river, transforms into Gopapura.

The tyrannical rule of Kansa, his death and the exploits of Lord Krishna are enacted in 14 main places in Mathura and Gopapura.

The festival concluded with the death of demon king Kansa and the coronation of Ugrasen.

“This festival came into existence in 1947-48 to celebrate the Indian Independence. While the rule of Kansa symbolises the oppressive rule of the British, the coronation of Ugrasen marks the beginning of democracy,” said Rabi Narayan Panda on behalf of the Bargarh Dhanu Jatra organisers.

As the festival was organised after a gap of two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the western Odisha town of Bargarh witnessed a larger crowd than usual this time.

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