Facebook lets users across globe transfer pictures to Google Photos


New York: Facebook has announced that Google Photo transfer tool which was first used in the US and Canada is now available for users across the globe.

With the Google Photo’s transfer tool, Facebook users can create copies of all the pictures and videos that they have on Facebook and transfer them to a Google Photo account which is linked to their Facebook. The feature was first enabled in various parts of Africa, the Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Here is how you can transfer your Facebook pictures to Google Photos:

—Go to the Settings option after you log in to your Facebook account

— In settings, you will have to find “Your Facebook Information”

— After selecting “Your Facebook Information”, tap on “Transfer a copy of your Photos or Video” and then verify by entering your Facebook password.

The transfer will only happen when you set Google photos as the destination. Once the transfer is complete, users will get a notification about the same.

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