Facebook executive admits hiring PR firm


San Francisco: The outgoing executive of the social media site Facebook has disclosed that he had hired the services of a political consulting PR firm.

The Head of Communications and Policy, Elliot Schrage, said he is taking the responsibility for hiring the firm.

Schrage said in his blog that the legal team at Facebook continues to review its work with Definers to understand what happened.

The Definers in 2017 were hired in order to diversify our DC advisors after the election. It was obvious that like other companies we tried to broaden our outreach, Schrage said. He said Facebook had asked Definers to send it press clippings, conducting research, writing messaging documents and reaching out to reporters.

In the “Freedom from Facebook” campaign that emerged as a grassroots coalition, the social media site asked Definers to help understand the groups behind them.

In a latest development, the Facebook CEO Mark Zucherberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg have now asked Nick Clegg, former UK Deputy Prime Minister and new Head of Global Policy and Communications, to review all the work with communications consultants.

The Facebook chairman has been facing criticism from investors and they have been pressing for his resigning from the company. Zucherberg has said the time has not come for quitting the company.

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