Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s sister sexually harassed on flight, Alaska Airlines launches investigation


San Francisco: Randi Zuckerberg, the former Director of Market Development of Facebook and the sister of the company`s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was sexually harassed on an Alaska Airlines flight.

In a letter to executives of the Seattle-based airline, she said she was extremely uncomfortable with a man sitting near her, explaining he constantly made sexually explicit and lewd comments to her and others in the first-class section while being served multiple alcoholic drinks.

“Feeling furious, disgusted and degraded after an Alaska Airlines flight during which the passenger next to me made repeated lewd, inappropriate, and offensive sexual remarks to me,” Randi Zuckerberg posted on Facebook.

“Both me and my colleague reported the incident to flight attendants who told me this was a frequent flier, brushed off his behavior as “oh, he just doesn’t have a filter,” kept feeding him more drinks, and suggested that I move to the back of the plane if I was uncomfortable”, she posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Alaska Airlines has launched an investigation and has temporarily suspended her co-passengers travel privileges.

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