Exhibition of journals at Children’s Lit fest in KIIT Intl School


Bhubaneswar: The KIIT International School is hosting a Children’s Literary festival that commenced on Saturday. While author Ruskin Bond and cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty were the major attraction on the inaugural day, an exhibition of journals since 1960 is also attracting children and guardians alike.

lit fest

The famous children’s writer Bond shared interesting, mostly humorous anecdotes, with the participants at the Children’s lit fest. Similarly, well known cartoonist Chakravarty was a favourite with the kids at the event for his fun filled session.

A major attraction at the event that will conclude on Sunday is the huge collection of magazines and newspapers by editor of the host School’s magazine Kloud9, 77-year old Jeevan Nair. The veteran scribe displayed his private magazine exhibitioncollection of journals, most of which have been shut since long, including the much famous editions of Illustrated Weekly.

The author of 42 books, Nair used to collect these since his childhood out of his love for reading. “In my house of three bedrooms, two are meant for my prized collection of journals,” said Nair. After his stint with the Army, Nair started collecting all magazines and newspapers which have turned into a huge collection of thousands of journals.

Talking about the content change, he said the quality has no doubt come down with the decline in ethics of newspaper houses.

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