Exercises You Can Do While Recovering From COVID-19


New Delhi: It is normal to feel tired, weak, or short of breath when you are recovering from COVID-19 (coronavirus). But engaging in physical activities can help you feel normal and also can fasten the process of recovery. Here are some exercises you can try:

Go for a Walk

Even if you were a marathon runner before COVID, a few walks a day might be just what the doctor ordered. Noel recommended starting with 10- to 15-minute walks and if you are feeling good, start walking a little bit faster to get your heart rate up.

Get Up During Commercials

Did you start binging a show (or two!) while you were sick? As you continue through the seasons, be sure to get up and move during the commercials or at least between episodes. Doing a lap around the house and getting in a few stretches is a great way to slowly get back into motion while you are at the beginning of your recovery.

Leg and Toe Lifts

Get your lower body used to moving again. Stand at a countertop, then raise and lower your heels (stand on your toes) 15 times. See if you can repeat these three times. Also, while standing near a sturdy surface practice standing on one foot. If this is easy, close your eyes. But be sure to use your hands as needed for balance. Another leg exercise is to pull your knee up towards your chest while you hold onto the countertop. Just like the toe lifts, you can repeat these 15 times on each leg for three cycles.

Jogging Intervals

If you’ve been on the mend for a while and you feel ready to start jogging again, Noel offered this tip for easing back into it. Start by walking for 10 minutes and then jog for one minute. Walk for another two minutes and then jog for one minute again. You can continue with these intervals until you’ve been moving for 30-40 minutes. This is a good way to see what your body is ready to do.


Yoga encourages mindfulness, which is an important thing while you are recovering. Try searching for a beginner class on YouTube. As you move through the motions, pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses in your body. Be mindful of what you are ready to do and take a break if you begin to feel overly tired or out of breath.

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