Exclusive: In A First, Paragliding To Come Up At Odisha’s Deomali Soon


Are you an adventure sports enthusiast? Do all your life you wanted to be free as a bird to soar high up in the skies and watch the world get tinier and tinier? Yes, you can make this dream come true by Paragliding.

For the first time in Odisha, Paragliding is going to be introduced at Deomali mountain peak in the Chandragiri-Pottangi subrange of the Eastern Ghats in Koraput.

In an exclusive interview with Pragativadi.com, Mr Sasank Rath, Tourism & Adventure Sports Expert said that Greenscape Adventures is going to introduce Paragliding in the Deomali mountain range.

“As Paragliding attracts a huge number of tourists in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Sikkim, we observed that the adventure sport could be made very much possible at Deomali,” MR. Rath said.

“We have already conducted trial runs successfully at the spot. If everything goes accordingly, we will be kick-starting Paragliding at Deomali by the first week of December this year,” he said.

Mr Rath, MD, Greenscape Adventures, is very much hopeful that tourists coming to enjoy the scenic beauty of Koraput’s flora and fauna will also experience the joy of Paragliding.

“You can see people camping at Deomali as accommodation facilities are available in the mountain range,” he added.

As Semiliguda, the nearest town is providing good and affordable hotels, visitors coming for Paragliding won’t be facing any difficulties with their stay, said Mr Rath added.

Further, Mr Rath said that other adventure sports such as hill trekking, hiking, mountaineering and rappelling will be introduced soon. Surveys for the same are in the final stages.

As Paragliding is a competitive adventure sport, professional Paragliders and trained pilots will be roped in to impart the unique experience to tourists. The tourists, accompanied by the trained pilots can enjoy the beauty of the terrain from up above the sky.

“We are arranging life insurance for all the flyers even as measures are being taken to minimize life risk,” he informed.

He further said that plans are afoot to train locals regarding paragliding, which may help establish a Paragliding training centre in the district. This initiative will enable the adventure sports enthusiasts to pursue a career in Paragliding here and in other places as well, Mr Rath concluded.

So if you are up for it, get ready to take off from a mountain top and land in the valley below on a Para Glider and enjoy an exhilarating ride in the air before floating back to mother earth.

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