Enterprising endeavour of Shops collective of RSP helps improve Equipment availability in SMS–II


Rourkela: The enterprising employees of Shops collective of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) including Mechanical Shops, Structural and Fabrication Shop and Foundries have successfully developed Tundish Lifter of Caster I & II of Steel Melting Shop – II.

This enterprising endeavour of the shops collective has helped in bringing about substantial savings for the company. The procurement Cost of Tundish Lifter otherwise would have been Rs. 30 lakhs. The quick availability of Tundish lifter sub-assembly will provide more flexibility to SMS II towards Tundish management hence increases in production.

It may be noted that Steel Melting Shop II Tundish hanger is a sub-assembly fitted over mould. Its basic purpose is to accommodate liquid steel from ladle for controlled liquid steel flow in the mould during casting of slab. Periodic replacement of tundish is required for its maintenance purposes. Tundish is a big sub-assembly weighing nearly 30 Ton weight with length 8 meter due to which direct handling by crane is difficult and also time-consuming. In order to facilitate quick and safe handling of tundish there is a Tundish Hanger. In the month of January 2019, one out of two Tundish Hangers of Caster I & II  got damaged and was beyond economical repair. With 01 tundish hanger in Caster bay lots of difficulties was faced during loading and unloading, moreover, lot of time was wasted during handling of tundish for Caster I & II.

As the process of procurement of a Tundish Hanger was not only but also time-consuming the Shops collective decided to develop it in-house. The complete assembly was fabricated, machined, stress relieved in Foundry and assembled in seven months. Suitable modification as per the drawings and suggestions of SMS II was carried out in laminated hooks.

In a function organized at Mechanical Shop on 9th March Mr. S Manjhi, CGM (SMS-II) and Mr.  A V Rajasekhar, CGM (Mechanical) flagged off the trailer carrying Tundish Lifter for sending to SMS – II. Present on the occasion were other senior officers of Shops, Centralized Maintenance (Mechanical) and SMS II.

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