Ensuring Safety Of Patients A Continuation Of Ancient Healthcare Practice: Union Health Minister


New Delhi: Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare Mansukh Mandaviya chaired World Patient Day celebrations here today in the presence of Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare.

The World Patient Safety Day culminates the celebration of “Rogi Suraksha Saptaah’’ in India which was observed from 11th to 17th September 2021. This year’s theme on World Patient Safety Day is ‘’Safety in Maternal and New-born care’’.

The Union Health Minister released Operational Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Public Health Facilities 2021, Quality Darpan, a six-monthly update on key achievements and learnings under the NQAS initiative, Ayushman Bharat Health & Wellness Centre e-booklet on quarterly progress report April-June 2021, Reference Manual for Integrated RMNCAH+N Counselling.

MusQan, a scheme to target delivery of quality services to children in the health facilities was also launched by the Union Health Minister along with Maternal Perinatal Child Death Surveillance Response (MPCDSR) software.

Mandaviya also felicitated the States and UTs for their performance in the implementation of National Quality Assurance Standards (NQAS) and LaQshya during the function. The following States/UTs were awarded:

Commending the awardees, the Union Health Minister said that quality is a journey and it’s not a one-time activity, but it should be integrated in our day-to-day practices: “It should become a habit.  Ensuring the safety of patients is a continuation of the ancient healthcare practice. Sushruta’s Charaka Samhita mentions many medical instruments which are used even today with minimal modifications.” He added that these showed the dedication of our ancestors in preserving each and every life.

Mandaviya requested all institution managers to make the processes patient-centric. He said, “The behaviour of healthcare workers towards patients is also an essential part of the treatment”.

He further observed that schemes like NQAS &LaQshya, Kayakalp, MeraAspataal have played a pivotal role in reinstating and reconfirming trust and confidence of the community in public health facilities. He hoped that the zest and zeal shown by the States/UTs and their collective efforts in improving Quality of Care would continue unabated.

Detailing statistics of childbirth in India and the world, Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar spoke on the need to end all preventable maternal deaths due to morbidities like anaemia, hypertension, sepsis, etc. Drawing from her own experience while practicing medicine, she observed that birthing a child in undignified settings can be a source of emotional trauma. The right of every woman to have a respectful childbirth was stressed upon. Noting the contribution of LaQshya scheme in providing intra partum and post-partum care, she stated that MusQan would similarly facilitate healthcare of infants and children below 12 years to the satisfaction of their parents. She quoted the Ramayana, “Janani JanmabhumishchaSwargadapiGariyasi” to emphasize the importance to be given to the institution of motherhood in Indian Culture.

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