Enhance Your Beauty With These Traditional Kerala Jewelleries


New Delhi: Thiruvonam is being celebrated on Thursday, September 8. On this occasion, women wear traditional Kerala Kasavu sarees, a distinct white saree that features gold borders, and opt to pair the ensemble with traditional jewellery. In order to help you to select the best piece of jewellery this year, we have listed a list of jewelleries.

Gold coin jewellery

It is famous as most people wear it during weddings and other celebrated occasions. Coin jewellery is a distinct form of gold jewellery that is set apart by its usage of gold coins. Said to be a sign of wealth and good fortune, wearing gold coin jewellery is a popular practice during Onam too.

Peacock and floral motif jewellery

Traditional jewellery with peacock and floral designs, especially lotuses and jasmine can lift your outfit for the festival. While these options are mostly found in gold, you can look for cheaper variants in local markets. Keep an eye out for lightweight and contemporary designs with gold filigree work.

Gold jewellery with pearls

A magnificent choice for people who want to set their look apart on Onam while maintaining a trendy, monochrome look; gold jewellery encrusted with pearls will add panache to any traditional kasavu saree, mostly as the sheen of the pearl complements the white silk perfectly.

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