Elon Musk Shares Update On Tesla Launch In India


Mumbai: Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk on Thursday informed that the US-based EV-maker is facing a ‘lot of challenges’ for its car launch in India, and the company is working with the govt to overcome obstacles.

Musk was replying to a Twitter user, who asked: “Yo @elonmusk any further update as to when Tesla’s will launch in India? They’re pretty awesome and deserve to be in every corner of the world!”

“Still working through a lot of challenges with the government,” Musk tweeted.

In August, the electric vehicles giant had received approval for four models from India’s testing agencies.

The approval did not signify an immediate launch. Tesla has sought lowering of import duties in India. The company is hoping put lower price tags on its cars, which is otherwise not possible because of high import duties.

Local players have opposed Tesla’s request for slashing of duties, arguing that the move would hurt investments in domestic manufacturing, the news agency reported.

In India, 100% import duty is imposed on electric vehicles that cost more than $40,000 and 60% on vehicles costing $40,000 or less. Because of the duties, Tesla cars could prove too expensive for Indian buyers.

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