Elon Musk Meets China Foreign Minister Qin Gang


Beijing: Tesla’s Elon Musk met China’s foreign minister Qin Gang in Beijing on Tuesday, the Chinese ministry said in a statement.

Qin Gang told Elon Musk China was “committed to creating a better market-oriented, rule-of-law-based and internationalised business environment” for foreign enterprises, according to the statement.

Elon Musk’s visit is the first to China since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

His electric vehicle company announced in April it would build a new battery factory in Shanghai.

The plant will be Tesla’s second factory in the financial hub after its massive Gigafactory, which broke ground in 2019.

Musk’s ties to China have raised eyebrows in Washington, with US President Joe Biden saying in November the executive’s links to foreign countries were “worthy” of scrutiny.

Elon Musk told Qin Gang at their meeting on Tuesday that Tesla was willing to expand its business in the country, according to the Chinese foreign ministry.

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