Elon Musk asked Twitter managers to nominate best employees, then fired managers and promoted them


Ever since Elon Musk became the new heir of Twitter things has gone downhill. A large number of employees lost their jobs and the micro-blogging site is still struggling to keep revenue afloat.

Now fresh reports have surfaced that Elon Musk fired some top managers in the month of February. This was around the same time Musk had said that he was done firing people and would not do so in the near future.

As per a report published in iNews, Musk asked the managers of Twitter to nominate their best employees for promotions. However, when the managers handed over the list to him, he fired the managers and replaced them with the best-rated employees.

Esther Crawford, who became increasingly popular on social media after a picture of her sleeping on the office floor went viral, was also amongst the managers who was reportedly replaced by her best-performing employee, the report said.

The report further notes that Musk fired close to 50 managers and the only reason behind replacing them with the best-performing employees was to cut down the high salary they were drawing. However, their salaries were not as high as their predecessors. He replaced them with new employees who were paid much less, without changing their compensation structure.

Musk did this to save costs and run the company more efficiently. By hiring employees who were willing to work for less, he was able to reduce expenses and increase profits. This decision was based on his belief that the previous managers and executives were being overpaid and not contributing enough to the company’s success.

Musk’s strategy of cutting costs and streamlining operations has become a topic of discussion. Soon after his Twitter acquisition, Musk wiped off close to 75 per cent of the workforce, which also included the CEO, CFO and the Policy head of the company.

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