Elizabeth Olsen Supports Scarlett Johansson Amid ‘Black Widow’ Lawsuit


New York: Elizabeth Olsen voiced support for her “Avengers” co-star Scarlett Johansson amid her ongoing “Black Widow” lawsuit against Disney.

“I think she’s so tough,” Olsen said of Johansson in a joint Vanity Fair interview with Jason Sudeikis.

Jason Sudeikis showed agreement with Olsen, adding that Johansson’s fight against Disney is “appropriately bad-ass and on brand.”

Johansson’s epic legal battle with Disney began in July when the actor claimed the company shortchanged her by releasing “Black Widow” simultaneously on Disney Plus and in theaters. In response, Disney called Johansson’s claims “sad and distressing” and accused her of showing “callous disregard” for the effects of the pandemic. Disney is now asking that the suit move to a private arbitration.

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