Elephant Herds Wreak Havoc In Sundargarh, Sonepur

Sundargarh/ Sonepur: A herd of wild elephants created havoc in Bonai area under Jarada forest range in Sundargarh district causing damages to the standing crops here.

According to available information, the herd comprising around 25 to 30 jumbos strayed into the human settlement from Barghat forest area last night and continued to move in Lachhada, Kundeidiha, Tankasahi, Balia areas in the district.

In separate incident, pachyderms continued to roam in the villagers under Binika area of Sonepur.

Reportedly, the jumbos have caused extensive damage to the crops and thatched houses at Jharapada Sindurpur, Ganeshpur, Keutapada villages under Binika block.