Elephant herd from Andhra leaves Rayagada villages, locals heave sigh of relief


Rayagada: The locals of villages in Rayagada district in Andhra-Odisha border heaved a sigh of relief after the elephant herd, which had strayed into the area, reportedly returned to the neighbouring state.

The herd comprising seven elephants from Birgotam reserve forest in Andhra Pradesh had strayed into the villages of Boruhalua and Anija in Rayagada district on January 9.

Following this, the electricity department had disconnected the power supply in these villages where the jumbo herd’s movement was active, to avoid any harm to the pachyderms.

However, as the elephant herd left the Odisha border, the electricity supply has been restored in the area.

With this, the Revenue department has also sought a detailed report on the loss endured by the villagers. Based on the probe report, compensations will be provided to the villagers and farmers who suffered loss, sources said.

The locals have been facing the wrath of rampaging elephants from Andhra Pradesh from the last 12 day. The herd has also destroyed acres of farmland of the villagers. Due to warnings by forest officials, the villagers restrained from taking aggressive steps.

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