Eight animals dead in seven days in Nandankanan zoo


Bhubaneswar: Nandankanan zoo animals are falling sick in large numbers. The reason could be the rising mercury. As many as eight animals of the zoo have died within the last week.

Even though there have been special arrangements for the animals in feeding chambers by the zoo staff, the zoo inmates are not able to bear the heat. While old lion Laxman died on April 25, one of the four painted storks brought from Lucknow zoo has died recently alongwith a fox cub.

Similarly, a pangolin that was lodged in the zoo after being rescued from Chandaka forest is reported to have died of pneumonia and two other rare species of animals have died within last week. While Nandankanan is the only centre for breeding of pangolins in India, the species has only been declining in numbers over the years. As of now only nine pangolins are left.

Also, a Nilgai, a peacock, rare species of rodent, a rare antelope have died in a week’s time.

Right now, many other animals are unwell including an Orangutan, which is exclusive to Nandankanan zoo.

However, zoo authorities do not confirm that the deaths were due to heat.

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