Editors’ Meet: 5T secretary assures Editors on social security package


Bhubaneswar: The 5T secretary V K Pandian has assured the editors that government will consider on the social security package as suggested by different media houses.

At the Editors’ Meet here different media houses have urged the government to take necessary measures for the security of journalists who are discharging their duty despite the onslaught of COVID-19.

The information and public relations department has also assured the journalists to initiate appropriate measures for their social security in view of coronavirus pandemic.

The spokesman for the media Manas Mangaraj has informed the editors of some steps taken by the government in this connection.

The editors have urged the government for a financial package to media houses and release the arrears relating to advertisements so that they can cope with the adverse situation due to COVID-19.

They said a number of media houses have either retrenched employees or cut down their salaries in view of COVID-19. Therefore, they urge the government to look into the matter at the right earnest. The editors also said that it is high time that the government should relax restrictions on advertisements in this critical juncture.

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