ED To Probe Financial Transactions In Archana Nag ‘Honey-Trapping’ Case

Bhubaneswar: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) will probe the financial transactions of lady blackmailer Archana Nag involved in the honey-trapping case.

The woman, identified as Archana Nag (26), allegedly extorted money from rich and influential people in the state, including politicians, businessmen and film producers.

The case made headlines after the matter came to light and now the ED will take over the probe into the financial transactions in the case.

Twin city Commissionerate Police has handed FIR Copies of two cases registered against Archana Nag to the ED.

The ED will trace the money angle to it, as the agency has only power to register a case to probe allegations of money laundering as proceeds of the crime. The agency can file an Enforcement Case Information Report under PMLA (PMLA) that empowers it to make arrests, conduct searches and seizures and attaching the proceeds of the crime.

Twin City Police Commissioner Saumendra Kumar Priyadarshi told media that PMLA Cases does not fall in Police domain.

“Police can’t investigate money trial and financial irregularities in the case. It’s the ED which investigates money laundering cases. They had asked for FIRs, which is already in public domain, we have handed over two FIR copies to ED,” said Priyadarshi. I

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