ECoR originating 93 Trains to have unreserved Second Class Seating Coaches


Bhubaneswar: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian Railways had restricted unreserved travel facility in all the trains and made reserved coaches to prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

Keeping in view the COVID-19 situation and normalisation of situation gradually, it had been decided to provide second class seating journey service with earmarked for reserved and unreserved as per the applicability.

In view of further improvement in situation, it has been decided to provide Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) facility as per the applicability in all the Mail/Express Train.

In view of the above, ECoR has decided to restore un-reserved journey facility in Second Class Seating Coaches as per applicability in 93 Mail/Express Trains originating from its jurisdiction, gradually starting from 1st May, 2022 which will take time latest by Second Week of August, 2022.

Out of 93 Mail/Express Trains 17 trains are like Inter City like Trains where second class journey will be earmarked as reserved and unreserved coaches. Similarly, Second Class Seating Journey in other 76 Long Distance Mail/Express Trains will be applicable as in pre-covid times.

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