Easy Yoga Asanas For Students


New Delhi: Yoga is a practice that helps us rebalance our energy and balance the mind, body, and soul.  Doing yoga will not only keep you calm but also helps us rebalance your energy and balance the mind, body, and soul. These are some yoga asanas that will help you in your studies.


Padmasana, often known as the lotus pose, is a simple yoga pose that helps to relieve muscle stiffness and relax the mind. This pose improves cognitive abilities and helps to focus better. This is one of the best asanas of yoga to increase concentration and memory power.

Steps to perform:

– Begin by simply sitting on the floor with your spine straight and stretching your legs.

– Flex the left knee and put your left foot inside your right thigh.

– Similarly, flex the right knee and put your right foot inside your left thigh. Then relax by closing your eyes, rest your palms on your knees and feel every breath.


This asana is amongst the most ancient and effective yoga posture which helps to increase attention and focus, improves brain performance, and promotes better health. This is an effective yoga asana to increase concentration and memory power.

Steps to perform:

– Begin with resting your back on the ground. Keep your arms on the sides, and your feet close. Lift your feet and make a 90-degree angle.

– Raise your waist and stretch your legs by bending your elbows and placing your palms under your waist. Keep your body and legs in a straight direction.

– Stay in this posture for a few minutes before returning to your initial stance.


Paschimottanasana is among the best yoga poses for strengthening focus. This pose relaxes the brain and enhances cognition and this asana has even proven to cure headaches.

Steps to perform:

– Start by sitting on the ground, keeping your hands on the side, and stretching your legs forward. Remember to keep your back straight, and your feet should be close to each other.

– Raise your arms above your head and lean forward from the hips.

– Bend your head until it rests on your knees and the chest on your thighs, and make attempts to reach for your toes.

Padahastasana :

The standing forward bend yoga pose “Padahastasana” energizes your nervous system, stimulates blood flow to your brain and helps to build better cognitive ability.

Steps to perform:

– Stand straight, with hands on your sides and your feet close.

– Raise your hands, lean your hips forward, and try to put your hands under the feet. Hold for a few minutes and then release.

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