Easy Yet Effective Yoga Poses To Treat Ovarian Cyst

Bhubaneswar: Yoga provides a natural way of alleviating the problems associated with the ovarian cyst. Yoga helps in maintaining the hormone balance which leads to a reduction in the size of the ovarian cyst. There are asanas in yoga that provide assistance in toning the uterine muscles in women. Yoga helps in reducing abdominal fat. Yoga opens up the pelvic region and provides relaxation.

Butterfly Pose

Ovarian Cyst

The butterfly pose helps open up the pelvic region and reduces inflammation and also helps to regulate the hormonal system which helps reduce ovarian cysts. Start the pose by sitting on the floor and bending your legs so that the soles of your feet are touching. Tightly grab your feet with both your hands. Breathe regularly and start flapping your legs to mimic the wings of a butterfly by bringing your thighs up and down.

Reclining Butterfly Pose

Ovarian Cyst

Reclining the reclining butterfly pose is similar to the butterfly pose but is performed lying down, and is even more effective for reducing ovarian cysts. It improves blood circulation to the abdominal organs and relaxes the pelvic muscles. From the butterfly pose, start leaning back slowly till your back touches the ground. Keep your hands above your head and clasp your hands together. Breathe slowly and try to bring your feet closer to your pelvis, but do not strain your thighs. Hold the pose for 2-3 minutes.

Seated Forward Bend

Ovarian Cyst

The seated forward bend pose stimulates the ovarian muscles and can increase fertility if practised regularly. Start the pose by sitting on the floor with your legs outstretched in front of you. Inhale and slowly bend your upper body forward till your forehead touches your knees. Use your hands to grab your ankles and hold the pose for 30 seconds to a minute.

Cobra Pose

Ovarian Cyst

The cobra pose improves blood flow to the abdomen and reproductive organs and also provides relief from stress and anxiety. Start the pose by lying face-down on the floor. Bring your hands forward and place them on the floor right under your shoulders. Slowly lift your head, shoulders, and chest off the floor and support yourself with your hands. Keep your lower abdomen firmly on the ground and tilt your head back to look at the ceiling.

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