Easy Hacks To Peel Garlic In No Time


New Delhi: You know who loves peeling the papery, sticky skin from a clove of garlic? Absolutely no one. For something so simple, it’s one of the more tedious tasks in the kitchen

Here are some easy peasy hacks that may help you to peel garlic in no time.

Hack 1: Microwave whole garlic for 20 seconds. Slice from the top and peel lots of garlic in one go as they just pop out easily. However, the downside is that they’re a little cooked and might not work for a few dishes. But mostly it works.

Hack 2: One of the most viral ones from a decade ago — shake them in two bowls or in a cocktail shaker or a big jar with a lid. This works superbly for big garlic cloves and is a go-to method. But it won’t work on small garlic cloves.

Hack 3: Press the knife on top of the whole garlic. It breaks easily. This is the classic method taught in all culinary schools which works like a charm for few garlic cloves. But it is tedious if you have to do a lot.

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