Easy Facial Exercises To Lose Face Fat


New Delhi: Spending hours in the gym trying to lose body fat but when your selfie shows that ugly double chin, it feels like all your hard work went in vain. While where your body holds excess fat depends on your genetics and body type, there are some facial exercises that can help you get sculpted cheekbones.

Here’s a list of exercises that can help you to Lose Chubby Cheeks:

1. Chin lifts

Throwback your head and stretch your neck as much as you can. Keep your eyes fixed on the ceiling and try moving your lower lip over the upper lip and smile wide. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. This will get rid of the double chin and flabby neck.

2. Cheek puff

Puff out your cheeks. Then try moving air from one side to the other and hold it for 5 seconds. Make a big O when you release the air. This will firm cheek muscles.

3. Fish face

Suck in your cheeks tight and pucker your lips like a fish. Hold the pose for five seconds and repeat 10 times. This will help you lose fat from the cheeks.

4. Under-eye pull

Get rid of eye-bags and dark circles as this exercise increases blood flow around the eyes. Look into the mirror and with your index finger pull your under-eye muscles outwards as far as they will go. Close eyes while doing so.

5. Forehead workout

Open your eyes wide. With the help of both hands try pulling back the skin over your forehead. This will banish crow’s feet and forehead lines.

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