East Coast Railway Is Ensuring The Safety Of Passengers & Its Employees


Bhubaneswar: Despite the lockdown and Covid-19 outbreak, the Ministry of Railways has maintained essential services across the country. Apart from the supply of essential commodities throughout the country, Railways is running Shramik Special Trains and some Special trains including few intra-state train services so that essential travel needs of our passengers are fulfilled. To protect its staff involved in operating these train services, East Coast Railway has taken several precautionary safety measures.

On-board staff have been provided and advised to use Face Masks, Face Seals, Hand Gloves, shoes to protect their body, apart from frequent hand washing by sanitizer. They have also been advised to maintain distance as fas as possible when performing duties and be alert all the time.

During sanitization of the coaches, Housekeeping staff are using disinfectants to clean berths, floor, toilet, etc thoroughly. Common Touchpoints like door handles, Water taps, etc are being disinfected frequently. Loco cabins and Guard vans are also sanitized completely before commencing the journey.

Apart from this, East Coast Railway has provided proper quarantine facilities, including  Quarantine coaches for its staff who complete their duty. They’re provided with all the basic needs in these quarantine facilities with proper hygiene and sanitation so that staff doesn’t feel any difficulty during their stay in Quarantine facilities.

If any on-board staff reports some symptoms, his swab is collected and he is provided with all the medical care. ECoR is continuously working in coordination with the State Government and following all the advisories so that the best of medical care is provided and the spread of infection can be prevented.

For the awareness of the staff, they’re also provided with all the Precautions and guidelines to be followed.

As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India, East Coast Railway has taken elaborate steps to maintain hygiene in Railway premises. To restrict the spread of COVID-19 disease, East Coast Railway is observing hygiene protocols at various Stations, Trains and circulating areas of Station including Platforms. Sanitization of other railway premises is also being done as and when required.

Free Sanitiser Dispenser Machines have been installed at various Stations including Bhubaneswar Station. Artificial Intelligence-based Thermal Scanning Body Imaging Cameras have also been installed at various places including Bhubaneswar and Visakhapatnam Stations to check the body temperature of passengers and staff.

East Coast Railway appeals to all its passengers and Rail Users, to be responsible during the pandemic and follow all the guidelines as per the protocol, during travel in trains as we have to be responsible for well being of our society and family.

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