Earth Day: Google doodle portrays animated trip on organisms


New Delhi: Google through its unique doodles celebrated this year’s annual Earth Day on Monday. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year.

Celebrating the day and its importance, the doodles portrays an animated trip around the world of different species.

If you tap on the doodle today, you will see the animation scroll down to a ‘Wandering Albatross’, that has the widest wingspan in the world, next up is a ‘Coastal Redwood’ tree, which is the tallest tree in the world at 377 feet. If you tap the arrow further down, you will be introduced to ‘Paedophryne amanuensis’ which is the smalled vertebrate in the world.

Another scroll down is the ‘Amazon Water Lily’, which is the largest aquatic plant. Then there is the ‘Coelacanth’, a fish that has been around since the days of dinosaurs and is 407 million old. And finally pops up the deep Cave Springtail’, which is among the deepest-dwelling terrestrial creatures.

If the species interests the users, they can click on the particular Doodle slide and Google will direct them to additional information.

On this day, the modern environmental movement was born in 1970. Earth Day is marked to support for environmental protection. It began in the US in 1970 as a protest against the negative impacts of industrial development on the environment.

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