During Hajj This Year 98 Indians Died Due to Natural Causes, Chronic Illnesses: MEA

New Delhi: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday, reported that approximately 175,000 Indians went to the Hajj pilgrimage, with 98 pilgrims having passed away due to natural causes and chronic illness.

MEA Spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal, during a press briefing, stated, “A large number of Indian pilgrims participate in Hajj annually, and unfortunately some lose their lives during the Hajj period. To date, 175,000 Indians have visited Hajj this year.”

“We have lost 98 citizens thus far. The causes of death have been due to natural causes, chronic illnesses and old age. On the day of Arafat, six Indian pilgrims died, and four others due to accidents,” added Jaiswal.

He also mentioned, “Last year, the number of Indian fatalities during Hajj was 187.”

This statement was issued following reports that over 1,000 pilgrims from 10 different countries died during the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi National Center for Meteorology has recorded temperatures reaching 47°C at peak times in Mecca and its surrounding sacred sites. There have also been instances of individuals fainting during the ritual stoning of the devil.

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