Durga Puja in Silver City: Golden & Silver Tableau a Must Watch


Cuttack: The silver city, Cuttack is known for its rich extravagance that reflects in gold and silver and brotherhood during the Durga Puja festivity. Puja pandals decked up with bright structures bring a spirit of holiness in the city.

In Odisha one of the special things during Durga Puja is in the temples it extends over a sixteen-day period known as Shodasa Upachar. But in other places, it is celebrated for three days only.

The idols of Goddess Durga decorated with gold and silver tableau worth crores of rupees to Puja Committees which are Nayasarak, Choudhury Bazar, Mangalabag, Sheikh Bazar, Alisha Bazar, Khan Nagar, Chandni Chowk and Kathagadasahi. It has become a race now where every puja committee try to outdo each other by adding gold to the tableau and idols.

The fashion for ‘Chandi Medhas’ (Silver tableau) began in the city more than six decades ago, but the craze for gold crowns and jewellery for the idols began in 1995 with Choudhury Bazar puja committee as the trendsetter in both counts.

Here are some photos of the famous tableaus and idols of the city.

Choudhury Bazar Durga Puja Committee, First golden tableaux of Maa Durga.


Alisha Bazar Durga Puja Committee


Ganesh Ghat Mahadev Puja Committee
Haripur-Dolamundai Durgapuja Committee
Balu Bazar Durga Puja Committee

Chauliaganj Durga Puja Committee
Dargah Bazar Durga Puja Committee
Chandinichwok Durga Puja Committee
Kathagada Sahi Durga Puja 


Machhua Bazar Durga Puja Committee
PithaPur Kaliya Dalan Puja Committee
Mangalabag Durga Puja Committee
Ranihat Durga Puja Committee
Tulasipur Mahadev Puja Committee
Dolamundai-Badambadi Mahadev Puja Committee
Khatbin Sahi Durga Puja Committee
Khan Nagar Durga Puja Committee













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