Drug Trafficking on Rise in City: No Rewards For Police Informers Despite Tip-off!


Bhubaneswar: Are the Informers in Bhubaneswar, who used to receive cash reward for helping excise and police officials seize narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, being neglected?

Seizure of Ganja, the largest smuggled narcotic substance in Odisha, could have fetched Rs 600 per kilogram for informers and enforcement officers. Earlier, the reward was only Rs 80 per kilogram’s seizure. The seizure of cocaine offers the maximum windfall of profit. While informers used to get Rs 40,000 for seizing one kilogram of cocaine, the reward saw six-fold rise, reaching Rs 2.4 lakh.

Crime Branch had earlier said the ministry of finance recently revised the reward ceiling and asked the NCB to dole out the increased reward to informers and government officers, engaged in operations of busting drug smuggling. The modification in reward package has been made since it was last revised in November 1999.
As per the revised rate, the informers and enforcement agencies are entitled to get reward of 20 percent of the seized drugs. Earlier, there was no fixed percentage of reward, Crime Branch sources said. Going by the existing rate, an informer will get Rs 6,000 reward if he or she helps the enforcement agencies seize opium, weighing one kilogram. Earlier, the reward amount stood at only Rs 220 for seizing one kilogram of opium.

However, recently, the presence of these police informants remain cloudy as these is no detailed information about h the finances and the management regarding this special wing of the police department.

Evern the police department continued to remain reticent when asked about the same. Are the cops really silent or unaware is a question that remained to be answered!

The capital city is said to be fast transforming into a hub of drugs. It is now believed that police, excise and narcotics departments’ joint operation can only save the capital city from transforming into a drug hub.


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