Drink Kinnow Juice In Winters; Here’s Why


New Delhi: Kinnow juice is packed with the goodness of vitamin C which is essential for your body. So, let’s have a look at some health benefits of including this orange lookalike in our daily diet:

Body Energizer

Having a kinnow a day will energize your body. Owing to the huge amounts of carbohydrates present in the fruit including glucose, fructose and sucrose, it proves to be one of the best sources of energy in winter.

Stomach Health

Kinnow acts as an effective medicine for stomach health problems. It helps in kickstarting the metabolism and keeping one healthy for a long time. For those recuperating from illness, the fruit acts as an energizer.

Aids Digestion

One of the best qualities of Kinnow is that it absorbs into the stomach and aids in digestion without placing any burden or load on the stomach. Those with weak stomachs are recommended to take kinnow juice instead of milk.

Relieves Acidity

Since Kinnow is rich in mineral salts, it helps in alleviating acidity. The fruit is very helpful for those leading sedentary lifestyles.

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