My dream is to create a good Tamil Nadu: Kamal Haasan


Chennai: Actor Kamal Haasan on Tuesday said he would going on a tour of Tamil Nadu before officially launching a political party.

“My dream is to create a good Tamil Nadu”, he said on the occasion of his birthday. “It is important to strengthen the base, before launching the party”, Mr. Haasan said.

Earlier the actor launched a mobile app, #MaiamWhistle. “This mobile app will be more of a platform for public. Aim would be to reach out to people”, he said.

“There is no need or no hurry to announce the name of the party”, he said.

When asked about his ‘identity’, he said, “I cannot deny that I do not belong to the Brahmin community. It is nothing to be proud of or feel shy about it. I have friends and families from all communities”.

On Sunday, while addressing his fans, Mr. Haasan said he was not driven by curiosity or by the desire to enjoy power. “There was no need to wait for disaster to strike. Let us not wait for tragedy to happen. We can prevent catastrophe. Let us start today,” he observed.

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