Dr. Krishna Ella – The Ignored, the Ridiculed & the Hated Covaxin Manufacturer



Abhinav Pancholi 
By Abhinav Pancholi

Prakash Raj might someday play him in a film. Then we shall take cognizance of this great man’s name which is Dr. Krishna Ella. This son of Tamil Nadu is the founder, MD and Chairman of Bharat Biotech, and is the force behind Covaxin.

This country of ungrateful wretches, freeloading leeches, noisy naysayers and compulsive backbiters, led by their inept, populist, shameless leaders has a large pantheon where there is space for idols of all kinds of petty politicians, small-time actors, puny cricketers, two-bit fake news peddlers, runaway thugs and confirmed crooks. But we do not like to even acknowledge doers- those who are the real deal like Dr Krishna Ella and Adar Poonawala. Set a talk shop like Rajdeep Sardesai’s or Sudhir Chowdhary’s, and you would become a household name. But set up a factory, an innovation centre, a company, and prepare get ruined. Best of luck. Scientists, manufacturers, innovators and karmayogis are condemned to obscurity, ridicule and hatred in this country. People and politicians grudge them their success, envy just fruits of their labour and whatever little importance and limelight they get and wealth they manage to earn is looked at lustfully by parasites.

Few, who are celebrated, like APJ Abdul Kalam, are reduced to their identity. Some, like Nambi Narayanan, are framed and condemned. Many like HJ Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai die in mysterious circumstances, but no proper inquests are held.

Why should the left-liberal ecosystem mind if Ella or Poonawala get Y-level security? do these people wish harm to Ella or Adar? If so, at whose behest? Why should they ridicule Covaxin, if it is not to promote Sputnik or Pfizer and Moderna? If Ella and Poonawala want to book some profits, it is their right, and this is also a lifetime of opportunity. They are businessmen, after all, not government employees. Ella says he never pays dividends in his 1996-established company, rather pours money into RnD. Pandemics can strike anytime. Tinkering is a continuous process. Research does not get carried out on government doles, one needs huge amount of resources.

But Indians want this vaccine, and everything else possible including bijli-sadak-pani-mobile recharge-dish TV- education-oxygen-ICU Beds- parks and public transport, for free. If he (an entrepreneur) hands it over as alms, fine, we shall gratefully accept and turn him into a demigod. If not, we might devour him, and consume his blood along with Covaxin. Which is why we have fallen behind in research, and are no longer considered a hub of ideas. Which is why no one, not even the Indians themselves, take India seriously anymore. We are just a nation of ungrateful cynics who look to grab everything for free.


About the Author:

Abhinav Pancholi is a sports enthusiast and a lover of literature. His views might come across as vehement but that goes with the territory.


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