Don’t travel to UAE on visit visas for job hunting: Indian Consulate


New Delhi: The Indian Consulate in Dubai has cautioned job-seekers from India not to travel to the UAE on visit visas.

Indian consul general Vipul said that the diplomatic mission has been getting calls from those on visit visas to the UAE being duped by fraudulent agents, as per sources.

He said, “Those seeking jobs in the UAE should not come on visit visa and their employment offers must be authenticated along with their entry permit visas before embarking to the UAE.”

He said the diplomatic mission had to react after a large number of calls and visits to the mission by Indian workers who have been cheated by agents and employers.

Workers under the Emigration Clearance Required (ECR) are safe to travel if they come under the e-Migrate online recruitment system of the Government of India.

Fake websites of reputed hospitals, educational institutions in the UAE have been created and offering jobs to unsuspecting job seekers from India, sources said.

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